Wednesday, September 5, 2012

murder by accident is still murder

This happened to me recently. I'm trying to be more creative, INCLUDING signing up for a DRAWING CLASS, so I thought I'd draw it out for you on MS Paint. Because I'm artsy like that.

I comfort myself with the thought of Spiderman falling off buildings and shooting webs out to catch himself mid-air. SURELY if a man bitten by a spider has that skill, a real spider also does. A long way down = lots of time to shoot out webs.


  1. love the paintings!! Do more please!! And spiders stuck do I'm glad you liked that one. one down, a trillion to go.

    1. wow autocorrect sucks. spiders SUCK, SO I`m glad you KILLED that one.

  2. Murder by accident is still a murder only when it is proved. Know more
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